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Dr R Hazelman Cunha Curtis

Dr R Curtis

Further Information

Read more about Dr Rosane Curtis:

Curriculum Vitae - Summary
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Publication List to 2015
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PhD Supervision
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Profile - Nematology News 2007
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Previous Work Examples

1) Download PDF of Powerpoint presentation on Nematicidal properties of fruit cysteine proteinases.

2) Poster - secret life of the nematode.



Cysteine proteinase patent
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Nematode-oesophageal-gand-secretions Meloidogyne-graminicola G's-lees-roots South-Africa-farmers-May-2009 B-Cocophilus Rosane-and-Shaun-Berry Immuno-fluorescence-of-nematode-cuticle Rosane-and-colleagues-at-the-Three-Rondavels-Mpumalanga-South-Africa GUS-staining-at-nematode-feeding-site Sugar-beet-plants Meloidogyne-incognita-in-tomato-roots Rosane-visit--a-coco-nut-plantation RKN-in-Cowpea-5wk GUS-staining-at-nematode-feeding-site Rhyzobium RKN-secretions PHD-VIVA-University-Coimbra Bursaphelenchus-sp Nematode-invading-Arabidopsis-thaliana Paul-Halford-working--Bionemax-laboratory Coconut-plantation

Areas of Expertise

  • Signalling and perception occurring in the plant-nematode interaction.
  • Identification of novel natural compounds for nematode control.
  • Diagnostic assays, antibody production.
  • Crop protection: seed treatment and foliar spray to induce plant immunity.

Dr Rosane Curtis has 26 years’ experience on research with plant and animal parasitic nematodes. The last 21 years was dedicated to lead research of host-recognition processes and of signaling and perception occurring during the interaction of nematodes with their hosts at Rothamsted-Research, an institute of BBSRC (Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council). This research aimed to identify processes with potential for genetic or chemical interventions in new strategies for nematode management. Research showing that blocking amphidial secretions interfere with nematode behaviour and infection of plants and collaborative research showing that fruit cysteine proteinases have a significant nematicidal effect, resulted in two patent fillings in the UK (GB 46082) and in the USA (WO2008087555), respectively.

Research Interests:

  • Understand host-recognition processes between plants and nematodes to identify vulnerable points in the nematode life-cycle that can be used as novel targets for selective chemical and genetic intervention.
  • Identification of plant signals that modify nematode behaviour - Rhizosphere can be manipulated to disorientate nematodes.
  • The use of non-toxic plant compounds to maximise plant protection.


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